Amsterdam in 5 Hours

Let’s be honest – airport layovers stink, especially on international trips. But if you’re on a trip that takes you through Amsterdam and you have more than 5 hours to spare, you can have some fun during your layover. The city of Amsterdam is a quick train trip from the airport, and getting a taste of the city is easy.

A return ticket from Schipol Airport (AMS) to Centraal Station is only €9.40, and the trip takes about 30 minutes. As the name implies, Centraal is centrally-located relative to the rest of the city. After exiting the train you’re just a quick walk from the canals, shops and sights of the city.

If you don’t want to carry bags with you on the train, storage lockers are available at the airport. Keep in mind that you will have to clear security and customs to re-enter the airport, so leave 2 hours at a minimum for this process.

If you’ve got less than 5 hours between flights it probably doesn’t make sense to take the trip into the city…just enjoy the airport, which is nice in its own right. But if you have the time, go and see the canals, have a coffee, and soak up the Dutch ambiance.



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5 thoughts on “Amsterdam in 5 Hours

    1. Yes, it was a pleasant surprise for me to find that out as well! The good news is that the airport is an enjoyable place to stay for a short layover…but for those with time, I definitely recommend a trip into the city.

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