A Day Trip to Versailles Palace

Paris is one of my favorite cities in the world. It’s a great destination for food, culture, photography and unbelievable architecture. I could spend months there and still not see everything I want to see. Having said that, I’ve also seen the value in taking day trips out of Paris on my past visits in order to get a different perspective. If you’re in Paris and are looking for something different to see, a day trip to Versailles Palace may be just what le docteur ordered! Versailles Palace is filled with stunning art, beautiful gardens and a deep and rich […]

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Muir Woods National Monument

Just a quick 12 mile (19Km) drive from the hustle and bustle of San Francisco and the more populated areas of Marin County, Muir Woods National Monument is a place of peacefulness, quiet and stunning natural beauty. In this post we’ll discuss the history of this unique old-growth forest, provide helpful suggestions for your visit and explain ways to get there. A Brief History of Muir Woods National Monument The land now known as Muir Woods National Monument was originally a relatively inaccessible area known as Redwood Canyon. Redwood Canyon was a 600-acre area near the Pacific coast that contained […]

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The Maasai People of Tanzania

As many travelers may be aware, most countries in east Africa are not composed of a homogeneous group of citizens, but are made up of tribes that have existed for hundreds of years or more. One of the most prevalent and well known of these tribes are the Maasai people of Tanzania and southern Kenya. In this post we will take a look at the background and culture of the Maasai people, along with some of the emerging trends that will shape how the Maasai adapt and grow in the 21st century. The Maasai People of Tanzania: Their Origins and […]

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Volunteer Tourism in Kenya

 Many travelers want to do more than just enjoy a fun vacation – they want to also give back to the places they visit. Volunteer tourism, or voluntourism as it’s sometimes called, is a global movement. Volunteer tourism in Kenya is especially popular these days due to the immense need, and the relative ease of getting to Kenya from most parts of the world. In this post we’ll discuss volunteer tourism in Kenya in general, and a specific opportunity of which you can take advantage.  Like this post? Read my related posts… Nairobi National Park 5 Easy Tips to Travel […]

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