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Guest Post: Stress and Anxiety

My latest post isn’t about travel, and it’s not even on my own blog. I guest-wrote a piece for the fantastic Ariel Huffaker over at Different Frame of Mind. She writes about exploring the world while finding yourself. The article I wrote deals with my journey through anxiety and stress. […]


African Safari, Part I – Tarangire National Park

Have you ever had the desire to see exotic birds and wildlife up close, in their natural habitat? I was fortunate enough to do just that last year when we took a nine-day safari through Tanzania. We visited several of Tanzania’s national parks, and I’ll write about many of them […]


Tranquility in Tokyo

Tokyo, Japan is one of my favorite cities to visit in the world. Visitors often describe Tokyo using words like “vibrant”, “active”, “ultra-modern”, “crowded”, and so on. However,┬ábecause the city is on the go around the clock, “tranquil” is a word I never thought of to describe it. However, my […]


Amsterdam in 5 Hours

Let’s be honest – airport layovers stink, especially on international trips. But if you’re on a trip that takes you through Amsterdam and you have more than 5 hours to spare, you can have some fun during your layover. The city of Amsterdam is a quick train trip from the […]