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A Beautiful Trek on the Stunning Yellow Mountain in China

Yellow Mountain in Anhui Province of China has gained its fame for its wondrous pines, weird rocks, sea clouds and hot springs since the ancient times. It is often seen in the famous Chinese paintings due to its unique landscape. While Chinese people go to the front range to see the big Greeting Guests Pine known from their textbooks when they were young, I would...

Top Five Luxury Hotels in Bogotá

You’ve chosen Bogotá as your next destination, maybe for its stunning beauty, culture, or to try some of the best coffee in the world. Whatever drew you to the capital of Colombia, choosing the right place to stay and take in all that the city has to offer is a key element of the perfect travel experience. Below are listed our top five luxury hotels in Bogotá.

5 Easy Tips to Travel When You’re Broke

Photo on Visual Hunt Many people approach the prospect of traveling with a misconception that they need gobs of money to do it right. In reality, this is only true to an extent. If “doing it right” means traveling first class, dining on the finest cuisine, and living like royalty, then this is true. However, if your objective is to simply experience the world in...