Exploring Saudi Arabia Affordably with Flyadeal Booking

Saudi Arabia, the largest sovereign nation in Western Asia and the 2nd largest country in the Arab world, is a country rich in history, culture and beauty. Although most tourism to Saudi Arabia has involved religious pilgrimages, that’s rapidly changing. The Saudi government is investing in tourism and cultural events. Additionally, laws and policies are changing to make it easier for non-religious travelers to visit. In this article we’ll provide some recommendations on top places to visit whilst in Saudi Arabia. And while planning a trip to Saudi Arabia can seem daunting from a logistical and cost perspective, we’ll share how to make it easy to find cheaper rates on Flyadeal booking via Cleartrip.

What is Flyadeal?

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Flyadeal livery | Courtesy Wikimedia.org

Before I talk about those exciting destinations, you may be wondering “So, what’s Flyadeal, anyway?” Flyadeal is a low-cost airline flying domestic routes within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The airline is owned by the Saudi flagship carrier Saudia and began operations in September of 2017.

Visiting Riyadh

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Riyadh at Night | Courtesy Wikimedia.org

Riyadh is Saudi Arabia’s largest city and its capital. It’s a bustling urban zone that is awake and alive 24 hours a day. This is the first destination for most visitors to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and is the place to go if you can only see one city.

The one place you must visit in Riyadh is the Sky Bridge. Located at the top of the 99-story Kingdom Centre skyscraper, it consistently rates as one of the top high-rise viewing platforms in the world. The views of Riyadh and the surrounding countryside are said to be spectacular, especially at night.

If you’re looking for a unique spot for adventure, try visiting the Red Sand Dunes. Located just outside Riyadh, it’s a popular spot for both Saudis and expats to visit on the weekend or on national holidays. ATV tours through and around the dunes are popular and fun, as are camel rides and other guided tours.

Riyadh’s main airport is King Khalid International Airport, and a quick and easy Flyadead booking can get you there in comfort via multiple flights per day from most major cities in the Kingdom.

Visiting Jeddah

King Fahd Fountain, Jeddah | Courtesy Pixabay.com


Jeddah is the second largest city in Saudi Arabia. It’s a major urban metropolis and is the gateway to Mecca (Makkah). Whilst visiting Mecca is prohibited to non-Muslims, Jeddah welcomes all visitors. It’s a place to be experienced as much as it is to be seen. The culture, food, and social life make it one of Saudi Arabia’s most interesting and eclectic cities to visit.

While in Jeddah, make a visit to Al-Balad, the historic city center. Al-Balad is a UNESCO World Heritage site full of historical houses and buildings. It’s a great place to get a taste of the city’s legacy.

Jeddah’s other must-see site is King Fahd Fountain. It’s the highest fountain in the world, topping out over 260 meters (853 feet). It uses saltwater pumped in from the gulf as opposed to fresh water. The fountain is lit by over 500 lights that sit below the water’s surface, and it runs from just after sundown to midnight most nights.

Finally, if you’re looking for a great place to watch people, take a stroll, or to have a nice long run, visit the Jeddah waterfront. It’s a beautiful place to be.

Jeddah’s main airport is King Abdulaziz International. It’s easy and convenient to fly in and out of the city on Flyadeal airlines.

Visiting The Al-Qassim Region

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The al-Qassim Region within Saudi Arabia | Courtesy Wikimaps

The Al-Qassim region of Saudi Arabia is centrally located and is arguably the Kingdom’s most popular tourist destination. It’s a land of palm trees and agriculture. Dates are a specialty of the area. The region even hosts a yearly Date Festival, held in the fall. Al-Qassim is a treasure trove of traditional Saudi Arabian arts and handicrafts. The yearly date festival, which takes place in the autumn, is a sight to behold, but don’t worry, for no matter what time of year you visit, you are sure to find a festival underway. Al-Qassim makes for a wonderful and unforgettable visit.

While here, consider a sporting adventure in the vast sand dunes which occupy 15% of the entire. Province.

You can also explore cultural village of Ashiqr. It features traditional sites where old mud houses are still resistant to erosion.

Finally, consider a visit to the area’s camel market, located in Al-Qassim City. It’s the largest camel market in the entire world. The market is for buying and selling not only camels but also other animals like sheep and goats. Goods such as saddles, halters and blankets.

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