An Interview with Lucy Williams

It’s time for another interview in our series, “The Most Interesting Travelers In The World.” Today’s featured traveler is Lucy Williams, and her fabulous blog is at Lucy is married to a cruise ship officer and she tags along with him and spends her life cruising around the world. She also worked onboard herself for nearly ten years and between being a crew member and cruise passenger has over 12 years experience of the cruise industry. She has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to cruising from both sides of the coin. When Lucy is not cruising she spends time in her native country of England and in her husbands country of Italy, so she is never short on travel stories.

What inspired your love of travel – how did you get started?

My parents had travelled the world before I was born and I think it was in the genes, as I soon as I could leave the country on my own at 18 I did.

I went to Spain, Greece, France and the Caribbean and got the travel bug. I wanted to travel more so I got a job on a cruise ship and went around the world.

Tell us about your favorite style of traveling…luxury or budget? Packing heavy or light? On the go or laid back?

My favourite style of travel is luxury as to me a vacation should be about having a relaxing time in pure luxury.

I would say I’m a light packer as I can pack for two seasons in one suitcase when I’m cruising. I’m not on hand luggage only yet!

It depends on where I am in the world if they is a lot to see I’m on the go. If I have been before or there is not much to see I’m more laid back.

What’s your favorite travel story: the weirdest, or funniest, or most exciting, or most beautiful trip you’ve ever been on?

When I was in Hong Kong a few years back, my husband and I wanted to go to a really good seafood restaurant and we asked for a recommendation. It was just before Christmas and I got all dressed up in a black dress and stilettos, perfect for a night out in a nice restaurant.

We were driven to the address and when we arrived it was a fish market! I was horrified as I was really over dressed for a fish market. We asked are you sure this is the right place? It was and we were the only westerners there.

We chose our dinner and the it was cooked for us, it tasted fantastic, I just had the wrong clothes on! The next time we asked for another recommendation, but in a nice restaurant and we got what we asked for!

My favourite trip I have ever been on is cruising around the French Polynesian Islands as it is pure paradise down there.

What advice do you have specifically for female travelers?

My advise to female travellers is to always be aware of your surroundings like you would in your country. Respect the countries you are visiting, do not flash too much flesh if the local women cover up. Also, sometimes showing too much skin attracts the wrong attention. I have been many places around the world where I have been covered, but my blond hair has caused me issues. Always let someone know were you are.

What would you say to encourage someone who wants to travel but is afraid to because of cost, time, etc.?

If you are afraid to travel, don’t be as it will be the best thing you ever do for yourself. If you cannot afford to travel either save up or get a job travel in the travel industry.

I travelled around the world working onboard a cruise ship and was the best experience of my life.

What are your top 3 tips for newbie or wanna-be travelers?

  1. Don’t over pack you will not need so much stuff and remember you will have to carry your own luggage.
  2. Research your travel destination so you do not miss out on seeing any thing.
  3. Always bring a portable phone charger, as we use our phones as cameras, a computer and maybe a phone! This way you will not run out of battery when out sightseeing.

You can follow Lucy on her blog at and on social media to catch up with her travels:

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