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Traveling for business and pleasure since 1974, Photographer since 1980, Blogger since 2010

Jim Jones

Traveler, Blogger, Photographer

Howdy, folks – thanks for visiting my site, and for clicking into this page to learn a little more about me. My name is Jim and I live in (and grew up in) Illinois. I’ve had a spirit of adventure and a desire to travel for as long as I can remember. Growing up I loved reading books about foreign places and dreamed of seeing them someday.

I’ve been fortunate enough to see most of those places in my life, and there’s still more I want to see. I have a natural curiosity about life, food, languages and customs of other countries, and that fuels my desire to see the world.

I’ve also developed and honed my skills as a photographer over the last several years as well, and this site helps me blend together my loves of travel, of storytelling and of photography. 

I’ve got lots more places to visit, lots more stories to tell, and lots more photos to take. But while I’m doing that, please enjoy the stories and images I have to share with you.