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Top 5 Travel Essentials – The Must Have Travel Accessories for 2020

If you are planning on ending the lockdown with a travel adventure, then you absolutely need to check out this list of essential accessories to take with you. Travelling is different to your average holiday, the destinations, activities and amenities are can be vastly different so planning ahead of your trip will ensure you don’t […]

Top Apps to Record Your Voice on Vacation

Top Apps To Record Your Voice On Vacation Are you planning a getaway soon and you intend to document your experience? Various apps are fantastic in documenting your experience while vacationing. The best part is that most of these apps are available for download on your mobile devices, making them easy to take with you […]

Three Picturesque Spots in Beautiful Britain

Close your eyes and imagine the most stunning scenery in the world. Perhaps you’re thinking of a blissful beach in Bali? Or a magnificent mountain in the Alps? Or an idyllic waterfall nestled in the verdant Jamaican hills? But what about Britain? This island nation might not be blessed with a subtropical climate, but it’s […]

Exploring Saudi Arabia Affordably with Flyadeal Booking

Saudi Arabia, the largest sovereign nation in Western Asia and the 2nd largest country in the Arab world, is a country rich in history, culture and beauty. Although most tourism to Saudi Arabia has involved religious pilgrimages, that’s rapidly changing. The Saudi government is investing in tourism and cultural events. Additionally, laws and policies are […]

One Day in Beijing

Beijing (北京) is one of those cities that you need at least a week to explore, if you want to become at least a bit familiar with it. It is so rich of culture, history, entertainment, even nature (although it is not built in a beautiful mountain, island or valley). Being a capital of China, […]

One Day in Cairo

There’s so much to see in Cairo, from Ancient Egyptian treasures to Islamic architecture, that fitting everything into one day seems impossible. First-time visitors often say they didn’t get to see everything on their wish list. I’ve been living in Cairo for nearly 7 years and I’m still making new discoveries. But if you set […]

One Day In Budapest

The pearl of the Danube: this is how they call Budapest, the beautiful capital of Hungary, built on both sides of the majestic River Danube and connected by 7 bridges. Spending one day in Budapest is enough to see a few amazing attractions, but be prepared: you will want to come back! A Quick Overview […]

The Natural Beauty of Tibet: A Photo Essay

Tibet as a tourist destination may not be on everyone’s bucket list. But once you know more about the natural beauty of Tibet, you will likely put it at the top of your list. It is known for Mount Everest but is often called the “roof of the world” because of its elevation of an […]

One Day in Barbados

Our first visit to the beautiful Caribbean island of Barbados took place last spring. We visited this incredible island with our three teens/pre-teens. I had been wanting to visit Barbados since I was a little girl and my mother and father visited without me. Their photos showed an amazingly lush and beautiful island…and despite the […]

One Day in Sintra, Portugal

If Disneyworld is considered the fairytale land of childhood, then Sintra may very well be the adult version. There is something magical about this city in the mountains, which is an easy day trip from Lisbon. There are a lot of fun things to do in Lisbon, though taking at least a day to see […]

One Day In Copenhagen

Copenhagen is a fantastic European capital and offers a lot to visitors. You could spend days or weeks there, but even just one day in Copenhagen can be a great trip. There are so many things to do in Copenhagen that fitting them all into one day can seem daunting. Still, with a little planning, […]

Unique Animals You Can Only See in Japan

In recent years, Japan has become one of the world’s most popular tourist hotspots. From Tokyo to Mount Fuji, there are so many reasons to visit Japan, but have you ever wondered about all the unique animals you could see on your trip? Wildlife lovers rejoice – Japan has an incredibly diverse habitat that supports […]

A Review of HelloSky Air Rooms & Lounge, Fiumicino – Rome

Ever found yourself in an airport with a few hours to kill, wishing you had a comfortable and quiet place to relax? Well, if you’re traveling through Rome’s Fuimicino Airport (FCO) you’re in luck! HelloSky Air Rooms & Lounge provides travelers with a great place to unwind and recharge for as short of a duration […]

Six Essential Guidelines for Ethical Travel Photography

Our code of ethics helps create smoother interactions and less conflict with the people who surround us daily. A strong ethical code is even more important when we travel – as travelers, we represent not only ourselves but our home area or home country. Many travelers these days are focusing on ethical tourism. For those […]

Five Killer Tips for Improving Your Bird Photography Skills

I absolutely love bird photography. Birds are magnificent creatures and capturing a great shot of a bird makes me feel like I’ve really accomplished something noteworthy. I was fortunate enough to visit Costa Rica recently and got some great bird photos I’ll be sharing in the not-too-distant future. I’ve learned some great tips from birding […]

My Five Favorite Travel Photography Books

I’m a voracious reader…besides traveling and photography, it’s one of my most favorite hobbies. A few years ago when I started getting serious about travel and nature photography, I started reading everything I could get my hands on that would help me improve my photography skills. In this post I’ll tell you about what I […]

Crocodile Bay Eco-Resort in Costa Rica

If you’ve ever visited Costa Rica, you’ll understand the importance of the phrase “pura vida.” In English it means “pure life.” But it’s so much more than that – it’s a motto and an ethos that guides life in Costa Rica. I found the essence of “pura vida” during my week-long stay at Crocodile Bay […]

Visiting Everest Base Camp in Tibet

Visiting Everest Base Camp in Tibet can be a life-changing experience, and is a main driver for tourism in Tibet. Mount Everest, one of the most photographed mountains in the world, attracts both local and global photographers to its beautiful slopes. It presents a great opportunity to take amazing photos of the peak covered with […]

4 Ways Technology Will Change Your Travel Experience Forever

Travel and technology have always gone hand in hand, and recent decades have been no different. The internet, in particular, has enabled holidaymakers real-time access to travel and accommodation deals that used to require a visit to a high street travel agency. Indeed, almost 90% of Indians already book their entire trip via their phone. […]

High Dynamic Range (HDR) Photography Techniques

Have you ever seen a photo like this – one where the lighting is even and natural, and it looks like what you’d see in real life? Have you ever tried to take a photo like this and been frustrated that either the dark areas of the shot are too dark, or the light areas […]

Finding Cheap Flights with Dollar Flight Club

I don’t really know of anyone who says “I think I’d like to pay more for flights when I travel internationally!” Travel is getting more expensive over time, and finding cheap flights to exciting destinations can be a real help to your travel budget. Cheap domestic flights are hard to find – and cheap international […]

The Big Five Game Animals of Africa

Africa has always been known as the world’s foremost destination for finding big game. Big-game hunting has been the sport of the wealthy for centuries. But as Africa has become more accessible to the average tourist, the sport of “big-game hunting” has changed as well. Hunting for meat or for trophies is on the decline, […]

The Best Way to Organize Travel Photos

Have you ever found yourself wishing you knew how to take better travel photos? Do you enjoy travel photography but you want to “up your game” a bit? Well, then…we have the advice you need! This post is the first in a four-week series loaded with our top travel photography tips for beginners. We’re starting […]

Making The Most Of Your Travel Photography Trip

Have you ever found yourself wishing you knew how to take better travel photos? Do you enjoy travel photography but you want to “up your game” a bit? Well, then…we have the advice you need! This post is the third in a four-week series loaded with our top travel photography tips for beginners. Today is […]

Preparing For A Travel Photography Trip

AHave you ever found yourself wishing you knew how to take better travel photos? Do you enjoy travel photography but you want to “up your game” a bit? Well, then…we have the advice you need! This post is the second in a four-week series loaded with our top travel photography tips for beginners. Last week […]

Travel Photography Equipment Tips for Beginners

Have you ever found yourself wishing you knew how to take better travel photos? Do you enjoy travel photography but you want to “up your game” a bit? Well, then…we have the advice you need! This post is the first in a four-week series loaded with our top travel photography tips for beginners. We’re starting […]

The Best Camera for Beginning Travel Photographers

It’s one of the first questions that budding travel photographers ask…but one of the hardest ones to answer. “What’s the best camera for beginning travel photographers like me?” That’s like trying to answer the question “How long is a string?” There’s no good answer, and without some good selection criteria you’ll quickly get overwhelmed in […]

Do You Really NEED to take that travel photo?

According to a 2017 study, an estimated 1.2 trillion digital photos were taken in 2017. That works out to about 160 photos per year for every person on the planet today. With the advent of smartphones, and the improvement of smartphone cameras, it’s becoming even easier to snap a selfie or to take a memorable […]

A Beautiful Trek on the Stunning Yellow Mountain in China

Yellow Mountain in Anhui Province of China has gained its fame for its wondrous pines, weird rocks, sea clouds and hot springs since the ancient times. It is often seen in the famous Chinese paintings due to its unique landscape. While Chinese people go to the front range to see the big Greeting Guests Pine […]

How To Deal With Homesickness Abroad

Whether you’re a teen headed off to college or an traveler wandering through Europe on your own, homesickness can strike at any time. Being homesick while traveling is not the worst “sickness” that a traveler might encounter while on the road, but it can definitely put a crimp in your plans and rob you of […]

Serengeti National Park Safari – African Safari Part VI

Sadly, all good things (including our African safari) must come to an end. We had a great time on our trip through Tarangire National Park, Lake Manyara National Park and Ngorongoro Conservation Area in Tanzania. Fortunately our tour company saved the best for last – a wonderful Serengeti National Park safari. In this post I’ll […]

Our Take on America’s Best National Parks

 Ask 100 people to name America’s best national parks, and you’ll probably get way more than 100 answers. There’s no definitive list of America’s best national parks (although many websites publish annual lists of their favorites!), since “best” is really a subjective term. But for those that enjoy the outdoors and experiencing flora and fauna […]

Visiting the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

According to its website, the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust is “…the most successful orphan-elephant rescue and rehabilitation program in the world and one of the pioneering conservation organisations for wildlife and habitat protection in East Africa.” This unique elephant orphanage and home is a great place to get up close and personal with some gentle […]

Ngorongoro Crater Tour – African Safari, Part III

After starting our safari with visits to Tarangire National Park and Lake Manyara National Park, we drove about an hour north and west to the next stop on our African safari: our much-anticipated Ngorongoro Crater tour. In this post I’ll share some information about both the Conservation Area and the crater, discuss some of the beautiful […]

Your Guide to the Chicago Air and Water Show

If you’re looking for a fun (and free!) event in Chicago this summer, the annual Chicago Air and Water Show should be at the top of your list. It’s one of Chicago’s best attended summer festivals, averaging 2.1 million visitors a year. Even though the viewing area fills up rapidly, you can still have an […]

Where To Go In Tanzania For A Safari

If you’ve never been to Tanzania, you’re hardly alone. So many people have yet to discover one of the great hidden gems of the African continent. The Eastern African country is renowned for its exquisite natural beauty, and areas of vast, stretching wilderness. As you might imagine, this makes it the perfect destination for an […]

A Day Trip to Versailles Palace

Paris is one of my favorite cities in the world. It’s a great destination for food, culture, photography and unbelievable architecture. I could spend months there and still not see everything I want to see. Having said that, I’ve also seen the value in taking day trips out of Paris on my past visits in […]

The Maasai People of Tanzania

As many travelers may be aware, most countries in east Africa are not composed of a homogeneous group of citizens, but are made up of tribes that have existed for hundreds of years or more. One of the most prevalent and well known of these tribes are the Maasai people of Tanzania and southern Kenya. […]

Volunteer Tourism in Kenya

Many travelers want to do more than just enjoy a fun vacation – they want to also give back to the places they visit. Volunteer tourism, or voluntourism as it’s sometimes called, is a global movement. Volunteer tourism in Kenya is especially popular these days due to the immense need, and the relative ease of […]

Top Five Luxury Hotels in Bogotá

You’ve chosen Bogotá as your next destination, maybe for its stunning beauty, culture, or to try some of the best coffee in the world. Whatever drew you to the capital of Colombia, choosing the right place to stay and take in all that the city has to offer is a key element of the perfect […]

Bird Photography in Tanzania

Tanzania consistently ranks as one of the top places in Africa to visit for wildlife safaris. What many do not know is that it also ranks as one of the world’s top bird watching spots. Bird photography in Tanzania can be an exciting and rewarding adventure, and we’ll give you some insight into how to […]

Nairobi National Park

Many times when travelers think of a wildlife safari in Africa they imagine rugged, remote destinations like Tarangire National Park in Tanzania or Maasai Mara National Park in Kenya. However, other wildlife parks are closer to major cities and can offer just as outstanding an experience without the long hours of additional travel. Nairobi National […]

5 Easy Tips to Travel When You’re Broke

Photo on Visual Hunt Many people approach the prospect of traveling with a misconception that they need gobs of money to do it right. In reality, this is only true to an extent. If “doing it right” means traveling first class, dining on the finest cuisine, and living like royalty, then this is true. However, if […]

Lake Manyara National Park – African Safari, Part II

After a wonderful couple of days in Tarangire National Park, our guide took us just a few kilometers up the road to Lake Manyara National Park. We spent about half a day there, but it was enough time to really get a feel for the place. The park is known as one of Tanzania’s premiere […]

Riding Around Tokyo on the Yamanote Line

Despite the fact that I don’t speak or read Japanese, I find Tokyo to be a very easy city to get around. That’s largely due to the efficient train service provided by its network of trains and subways. One line in particular does a great job of taking tourists and residents around the city – […]

Haleakala National Park

I never thought that I’d feel so close to getting frostbite in Hawaii – but it happened on our trip to Haleakalā National Park. The peak is cold, windy and the weather is raw. Despite the cold, I’d do this trip again in a heartbeat. My expectations for our excursion to watch the sun rise […]

A First Time Camper in America’s National Parks

Although I’m a city dweller, I’ve always been drawn to the wide-open spaces and peaceful beauty that can be found in America’s National Park Service sites. Last summer I planned a trip to two US National Parks, and decided to camp out as opposed to staying in a lodge or hotel. Although I was a […]

Crazy Horse Memorial

The Crazy Horse Memorial, located outside Custer, South Dakota, was designed to honor the memory of one of the greatest heroes of the Native American people who inhabit the Great Plains. Unlike its nearby (and better known) rival Mt. Rushmore, the Crazy Horse Memorial is a privately-funded and owned site. If you’re in or near […]

Planning A Trip to Africa

Planning a trip to Africa, and then taking that trip, is a “bucket list” item for a lot of people (myself included!)…but it’s not like flying to Florida or driving to Detroit! I was finally able to fulfill a life dream when my wife and I visited Kenya and Tanzania for a nine-day safari. I’ve […]

Touring Chicago On Foot: The Loop

Chicago: A Tourist Favorite Earlier this year TripAdvisor named Chicago the 4th most popular tourist destination in the US. Their review of the city says that it is a “…cornucopia of modern art, fine dining, cutting edge comedy, and die-hard sports fans.” It’s friendly and accessible to all types of visitors: those from the US […]

Visiting Tarangire National Park – African Safari, Part I

Have you ever had the desire to see exotic birds and wildlife up close, in their natural habitat? I was fortunate enough to do just that last year when we took a nine-day safari through Tanzania. In this post, I’ll focus on the first part of our journey: the experience we had visiting Tarangire National […]

Tranquility in Tokyo

Tokyo, Japan is one of my favorite cities to visit in the world. Visitors often describe Tokyo using words like “vibrant”, “active”, “ultra-modern”, “crowded”, and so on. However, because the city is on the go around the clock, “tranquil” is a word I never thought of to describe it. However, my first visit to the Meiji Jingu […]

A Quick Tour of Amsterdam

Let’s be honest – airport layovers stink, especially on international trips. But if you’re on a trip that takes you through Amsterdam and you have more than 5 hours to spare you’re in luck! You can have some fun during your layover and take a quick tour of Amsterdam easily and inexpensively. The heart of […]

Traveling light; Or, how to see the world in 17Kg

I’ve always been the type of traveler typically packed at the last minute, and I invariably end up packing much more than I needed to. But a trip I took recently had some pretty stringent restrictions on luggage weight. I was allowed one soft-sided luggage bag and one carry on bag. The two bags in […]

National Park Road Trip

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been enamored with America’s National Parks and the opportunities they offer to experience nature face to face. This summer, I took the opportunity to experience a few parks: The Badlands National Park, Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton National Park. Related Posts:Haleakala National ParkNairobi National ParkYellowstone National […]