The Natural Beauty of Tibet: A Photo Essay

Tibet as a tourist destination may not be on everyone’s bucket list. But once you know more about the natural beauty of Tibet, you will likely put it at the top of your list. It is known for Mount Everest but is often called the “roof of the world” because of its elevation of an average of 5000 meters.

The Natural Beauty of Tibet

Tibet is home to clear and turquoise lakes, high snow-capped mountains, beautiful green valleys and of course the polite and hospitable 3.18 million Tibetan people, as well as some other groups such as Tamang, Monpa, Sherpa and Lhoba people.

Lhasa is the capital, also the most popular tourist destination in Tibet. Lhasa is also the highest city in the world, with an average altitude of 3,656 meters.

If you’ve ever wondered what the beauties of Tibet are, here are some of the most famous tourist attractions. I hope after reading this article, you will surely get you thinking about visiting Tibet or maybe even having a vacation there anytime soon.

The North Face of Mount Everest

One of the main reasons for visiting Tibet is the North side of Everest. Reaching the Everest Base Camp is the mecca for adventurers and for those who love adrenaline. Trekking to Everest Base Camp can be a life-changing is many ways.

There is new regulation from January 2019 that all travelers who are going to the Everest Base Camp can only go to the Rongbuk Monastery. The government is implementing this regulation to start cleaning the rubbish that is accumulated at Everest Base Camp. If you want to go beyond this point, you will need to require a trekking or climbing permit.

Don’t worry, the view of Everest from Rongphu is still majestic!

Mount Kailash

Mt. Kailash is the most sacred mountain for four religions: Buddhism, Hindy, Bon, and Jain. This incredible mountain has never been climbed despite its height of 6600 meters. The mountain has very essential spirituality, rich cultural atmosphere and it is full of mystery. By trekking Mount Kailash, you will encounter an essential part of Tibetan culture and religion, while at the same time testing the limits of your physical strength and endurance.

Mt. Kailash is surrounded by beautiful nature, and the peak of this incredible mountain covered almost always with snow. This stunning view will be your constant companion wherever you go in the area, and indeed throughout the entire trek around the mountain.

Manasarovar Lake

The Manasarovar lake is located in the Burang County, 20 km southeast of Mount Kailash. The lake is the world’s highest freshwater lake, with an elevation of 4,583 meters, and it covers 412 square kilometers.

The Mansarovar is the clearest lake in China, and it is one of the three holy lakes in China. The lake has different faces from different angles: it is dark blue when you see it from a distance, light blue or light green when you are getting closer. Also, it has different colors in different times of the day. At day time, the reflection of the blue sky and white clouds seems so close that can be touched with hands, and by burning clouds of pink or orange in the evening. When you are trekking Mt.Kailash Kora, visiting Mansarovar Lake is a must-see beauty.

Namtso Lake

Northwest of Damxung County, is located the highest saltwater lake in the world- Namtso Lake, and the second-largest saltwater lake in China after Qinghai Lake. For Tibetan is “Heavenly Lake,” because of its stunning beauty, pure water, and for its altitude of 4,718 meters.

Namtso lake is a must-see natural beauty in Tibet, with amazing views of the nearby mountains, and also the sunrises and sunsets are breathtaking from there.

It has spiritual meaning for Tibetans, and it is one of the three holy lakes in Tibet, together with Mansarovar Lake and Yamdrok Lake.

If you visit Namtso Lake in summer, be sure that you will have a unique experience, especially if you meet some pilgrims that are walking around the lake. You can also make fantastic and unique photos of this incredible beauty in Tibet.

Yamdrok Lake

As I mentioned, Yamdrok lake is one of the three sacred lakes in Tibet. Yamdrok Lake is 170 km away from Lhasa, in Nangartse County. It has an elevation of 4,441 m, it covers an area of 638 square km., and it is over 72 km long.

Tibetan Buddhists are finding the reincarnated soul of Dalai Lama at Yamdrok Lake, and that is the main reason why is a sacred lake. The senior monks came to Yamdrok Lake to chant and pray, after a Dalai Lama passes away, to find the boy in whom the reincarnated soul has gone to abide.

Besides the spiritual meaning, Yamdrok Lake has stunning scenery, and it is more beautiful when it is seen from a distance. Also, it changes colors depending on the period of the day. You can see many kinds of animals near the lake, such as sheep herds, antelope flocks, yaks and many singing birds.

Nyingchi Prefecture

Maybe isn’t a famous tourist attraction, but is the heaven on the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau. Nyingchi is known for its natural beauty mixed with the high plateau incomparable scenery of impressive alpine lakes and green mountains.

Nyingchi Region is located in the southeast of Tibet, and it covers an area of 117,000 square kilometers.

In Tibetan language, “Nyingchi” means “the Grand Seat of the Sun.” Also, it has a reputation as “the Switzerland of Tibet.”

If you take a tour to Nyingchi region, you will see so many natural beauties, and for sure you will have one of a unique journey.

Some of the attractions in this region are:

  • Yarlung Tsangpo River with famous Yarlung Tsangpo Canyon, which is the deepest canyon in the world.
  • You can visit the Niyang River, which is the most beautiful and the major river in Tibet.
  • Draksum Tso is one of the most famous scenic spots. An Alpine Lake in the upper extent of the Bar River Valley. It is dotted with small islands that look like the backs of sheep sunken into the lake and is surrounded by snow-capped mountains covered with lush forests.
  • And one of the most majestic places to get views of the Nyenchen Tanglha MOuntains is Mila Mountain Pass.

Visit other fabulous attractions in Tibet

Tibet is a mysterious and unique region with so many attractions that can offer to tourists. Besides natural beauty, Tibet has majestic monasteries, temples, museums, and parks.

Before you go on a Tibet tour, first you have to be acclimatized, so the travel agencies make tours that are beginning from Lhasa. So, while you are acclimatizing, you will have an excellent opportunity to visit some of the attractions near Lhasa, such as the Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, Barkhor Street, Norbulingka, Sera Monastery and Drepung Monastery.

For every nature lover, trekker, and adventure seeker, it is recommended to have at least a two week Tibet Vacation if you want to experience all of the most popular tourist destinations.

Last words

I hope this post brings the natural beauty of Tibet closer to you. Also, I hope that you are amazed by the unique nature as am I. Finally, I hope your next trip will be in Tibet, or at least put Tibet on your bucket list. Maybe we will meet each other on some of the fantastic Tibet’s attractions.

Note: Choose your travel agency carefully, that is a crucial thing when you go on a tour in Tibet.

When you find a travel agent, ask about all the documents and permits that you will need to have on this journey.

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