Fellow Travelers and Story Tellers

In September, 2018 I set out to find and interview some really fun, quirky and interesting travelers. Among my interviewees are bloggers, vloggers, podcasters, digital nomads and families with kids. I hope you enjoy learning about these fellow travelers as much as I did!

An Interview with Wad Khalafalla

It’s time for another interview in our series “The Most Interesting Travelers In The World”! Today’s interview is with Wad Khalafalla. Wad is a courageous wanderer, healer, and philanthropist. She loves to write, cook, and is a bit of an adrenaline-junkie. She considers herself funny, is unaware if anyone else considers her so, but she […]

An Interview with Christina Román

Welcome to another interview with one of the most interesting travelers in the world! Today’s interview is with Christina Román. Christina is a San Diego-based writer and photographer at Explore Now or Never, a travel blog for mid-life professionals on how to beat the crowds. When she’s not indulging her wanderlust, you can find her […]

An Interview with Gadsventure Travel

Today’s featured travelers are a family of adventurers who blog at Gadsventure Family Travel! They are a fun-loving family of 6 out to travel the world and seek adventure in the 4 corners of the globe.  Fresh from a big year of traveling around Australia, they are ready to take on South East Asia and […]

An Interview with Claire Davies

It’s time for another interview with one of the world’s most interesting travelers! Today we interview Claire Davies. Claire began traveling the world at age 63 and visited 25 countries by the time she was 80. She has 3 children and 4 grandchildren. She was born on the Lower East Side and raised her children […]

An Interview with Lucy Williams

It’s time for another interview in our series, “The Most Interesting Travelers In The World.” Today’s featured traveler is Lucy Williams, and her fabulous blog is at LucyWilliamsGlobal.com. Lucy is married to a cruise ship officer and she tags along with him and spends her life cruising around the world. She also worked onboard herself […]

An Interview with Emily Goodwin

It’s time for the next interview in our series “The Most Interesting Travelers In The World.” Today’s interviewee is Emily Goodwin, who blogs at Visual Wanderings. Emily is a freelancer who splits her time between the UK and the Greek island of Crete. She explores places in Europe as often as she can, camera in […]