Three Picturesque Spots in Beautiful Britain

Close your eyes and imagine the most stunning scenery in the world.

Perhaps you’re thinking of a blissful beach in Bali?

Or a magnificent mountain in the Alps?

Or an idyllic waterfall nestled in the verdant Jamaican hills?

But what about Britain? This island nation might not be blessed with a subtropical climate, but it’s actually home to some terrifically diverse terrain and beauty spots that could be lifted straight from the pages of a fairy tale.

The next time you’re planning a bucket-list holiday trip that offers plenty of premium photo opportunities, remember to stick good old Blighty on your list.

Not convinced? Here are three picturesque spots in beautiful Britain


England is the largest of the UK’s constituent nations and is blessed by an abundance of stunning scenery.

High Force in Durham

High Force in Durham in the North East is a tumultuous waterfall nestled in a leafy forest and it’s an excellent place to snap some action shots or even an exciting video – it could actually serve as a backdrop for a South American jungle movie!

Meanwhile, West Bay in Dorset has crystal waters, golden sands and orange cliffs, and the rolling Yorkshire Dales area has awesome spots like Malham Cove, Aysgarth Falls and Kilnsey Crag.

Tip: join the National Trust and you can access free parking and discounted entry at England’s best beauty spots.


Wales doesn’t just produce the world’s best singers (think Shirley Bassey and Tom Jones), it also boasts some of the UK’s most awe-inspiring scenery.

If you’re a fan of cult 60s TV series The Prisoner, visiting the Italianate village of Portmeirion is a must – this was the backdrop to that delightfully strange small screen treat and its pretty pastel buildings and cozy beach are a joy to behold.

But if you’re a fan of breath-taking sunsets, you might prefer Southerndown in the Vale of Glamorgan – its grassy headlands, rugged rocks and sandy beaches are truly epic.

Southerndown Beach in the Vale of Glamorgan

Tip: rent a car from Enjoy Travel and tour Welsh hotspots in your own time on the open road.


Scotland has so many brilliant places to visit that it’s hard to know where to start – there’s a legendary loch, glen or castle around every corner.

Dunnottar Castle on the Aberdeenshire coast is a mind-blowing ruin set atop a rocky promontory that juts out into the North Sea and it has to be seen to be believed.

Dunnottar Castle on the Aberdeenshire


But if you really want to get out into the wilds, head to Rannoch Moor – it’s one of Europe’s biggest wilderness areas and the midpoint of the famous West Highland Way. It’s most easily reached via Corrour train station and you can often spot stags staring imperiously into the distance amongst the heather-covered hills.

Tip: browse the Visit Scotland website for more tips on making the best of a Caledonian sightseeing trip.

These three picturesque spots merely offer a taste of everything Britain has to offer – you’ll find much more to impress and inspire you once you get there!


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