Top Five Luxury Hotels in Bogotá

You’ve chosen Bogotá as your next destination, maybe for its stunning beauty, culture, or to try some of the best coffee in the world. Whatever drew you to the capital of Colombia, choosing the right place to stay and take in all that the city has to offer is a key element of the perfect travel experience. Below are listed our top five luxury hotels in Bogotá.

Sofitel Bogota Victoria Regia

Named after a stunning and strong flower found in the Amazon, the Sofitel Bogota Victoria Regia emanates the same beauty in all aspects of the hotel. Designed by renowned architect Miguel Soto, the hotel showcases the finest elegance and modern features intertwined with French influences. Nestled in a more exclusive part of Bogotá, you’ll be just a small stroll from the best restaurants, nightlife, and museums. Stay here to experience the magical energy and ease of being in the heart of the city and having the utmost service and hospitality.

B.O.G. Hotel A Member of Design Hotel

The B.O.G. Hotel A Member of Design Hotel calls upon the natural beauty of Colombia to inspire its design. Filled with precious metals, gold, and emeralds, this hotel has a natural, refined elegance that is unlike any other. Also focused on the cultural and culinary heritage of Bogotá, the restaurant and bar here are unbeatable. With fresh, local, and innovative drinks and dishes, you are sure to be doted on well here. As a guest, you will also have access to the heated rooftop pool to unwind at the end of your day. You can’t go wrong with this luxury hotel.

101 Park House

No luxury hotel list is complete with a spa. At the 101 Park House, you have unrestricted access to the spa, restaurant, and pub. Located in a residential part of the city, you will experience a more local vibe and a quieter stay. This hotel is perfect if you’re seeking out a quiet, more private vacation. The suites have balconies overlooking Chicó Park and a variety of amenities that will fulfill your every need. For a fresh, modern, and quiet retreat, book your Bogotá Luxury Hotel stay at 101 Park House.

Four Seasons Casa Medina Bogotá

For our foodie readers, the Four Seasons Casa Medina Bogotá is going to be your luxury hotel of choice. Located in ‘Zona G’, the five-star restaurant district, you will be just a hop, skip, and a jump away from the finest cuisine Colombia has to offer. This luxury hotel is not just known for its surroundings, however. With classic brick and stone columns, the Casa Medina is renowned for being an architectural and cultural icon of Bogota by the Ministry of Culture. It has been acclaimed as one of the best luxury hotels due to their attention to detail, luxurious design, and accommodations, as well as the access to spa, restaurant, and bar. So, if you’re searching for the best of the best, look no further than here.

Click Clack Hotel

For a quirky, fun, and entirely luxurious destination in Bogotá, try out the Click Clack Hotel. Keeping the fun and an element of surprise in your travel, you will enjoy floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the majestic and mountainous Colombian landscape. Enjoy the rooftop Apache bar or the ciengramos restaurant for fine delicacies. Even locals frequent the Click Clack Hotel for love of its views and tastes. While there is plenty to explore and take in here, don’t forget that they, being a boutique hotel, will also cater to your every need, even if that is simply sleeping the days away in your unforgettable, cozy bed. So, for the ever-seeking traveler, book your stay here.

I hope that this variety of luxury hotels has piqued your interest to branch out for the perfect hotel for you. Whether you are leaning towards the culture and history of the Four Seasons Casa Medina Bogotá or the magical design and feel of the Sofitel Bogota Victoria Regia, you are sure to be rejuvenated by the end of your stay at any of these hotels. So, start packing your bags because Bogotá is certainly calling your name.


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